My Zoo

Hi people!


Soz I haven’t been writing to you for sooooo long as I have been really busy. I just got a rat and a dog. My rat is called Caramel and she’s 3 months old. I like to pick her up and cuddle her quite a bit. My dog is called Bryn and she’s 11 weeks old. We got her yesterday and she’s so tiny. I’m also getting another small dog called Ruben from a friend as he’s going to England for 3 years. And another dog from my Nonna and Pop called Daffy. She’s only a puppy but she’s huge and she jumps up and licks you all the time. So we’re gonna have a lot of pets running around. I’m not gonna be writing for a couple of weeks as I’m going to Sydney to see the Harry Potter exhibition but I’ll be sure to tell you all about it when I get back.


Bye 4 now,


The overseas blog

Hi guys


The first  over seas blog I ever commented on was one from Columbia. The owner’s name is Jose Manuel and she commented on my blog and asked my to comment back which is is exactly what I did. you can visit her blog at . and that is The Overseas Blog.


Global warmth

Hi guys


For the student blogging challenge we are learning about Global Issues. I chose global warming and all the info you are about to see I found from these links.

Climate change is the greatest threat facing our planet. Humans are causing climate change, and humans can stop it getting worse. Humans are causing climate change by adding huge amounts of carbon dioxide (C02) and other greenhouse polluting gases to our atmosphere. Burning fossil fuels affects us the most. Earth is wrapped in a delicately balanced ‘blanket’ of gases. Like a greenhouse in a garden, this insulating layer traps heat from the sun, and sustains life.  The heat trap is also causing many unusual and dangerous changes to our climate and weather systems, best described as climate change. Australia is particularly vulnerable to climate change – environmentally and economically. We already live on the driest inhabited continent on earth. We are already experiencing more severe droughts in the bush, and water shortages in our cities. And that’s why me and the Australian Conservation Foundation believe we have to put a stop to climate change.

Rainbow Is My Favourite

Hi yo

Rainbow is my favourite colour even though it’s not really a colour. It’s basically lots of colours. You see every day my favourite colour changes. It’s strange that I think it has something to do with the way I feel perhaps. Or maybe something that reminds me of that colour. Yesterday it was purple today it’s lime.


Over and Out



Keep Going!



Lets do a story! I’ll start off then you continue from the last comment. When you see my comment that finishes the story that’s the end. You can make it as random as you want but nothing rude. So lets start.


Mr Squiggle’s Ice Cream


Welcome to Artville. Here everyone becomes a piece of art. One day Mr Squiggle Got a strawberry ice cream…

After school hobbies

Hi guys


I’d like to tell you about my favourite thing to do after school. Karate lessons! I like it because it is very relaxing and some of the moves and sequences are quite complicated so I like having a go. It all started when a guy came around to our house to talk about Karate. I was the only one to actually join. Another hobby is going online to chat to my friends which I guess is kind of strange since I’ve just spent the day with them but that’s me.


See yo later

Digital Footprints

Hi guys

Do you know what a digital footprint is? Well if you don’t it’s kind of like a record of the sites that you’ve joined up to and all the information you’ve put up.

I’ve signed up to poptropica, club penguin and moshi monsters but on none of them have I put any more information apart from my age, gender and country. I’ve also signed up to my blog but there’s not much information that’s personal here either. So that is my digital dossier.